Artist Statement

Celebrating our Anniversary we bring the Artist Jose Enrique Gonzalez with the work entitled “Equestrian and Rams”.

The Artist exposes his ideas and thoughts about his creation. Thus, on this occasion Gonzalez expresses to us: “Describing a work of figurative indole, it is simple when the subject and its characters are explicit and executed without regard or reservation, directly before the viewer’s eyes and exposed to their subjective perception, generating an impact emotional that captures your interest or immediate rejection”.

– Jose Enrique Gonzalez (b. 1966)


Born in Lagunillas, Zulia State, April 17, 1966. Cartoonist, painter and sculptor. He made his first painting studies in the workshop of Maestro Darío Suárez, in the city of Cabimas from 1974 to 1976. In 1975, when he was only 10 years old, he won the First Prize of the “I ASTRAMARA Painting Salon” in Lagunillas his hometown.

In 1976 he entered the Municipal Institute of Culture and Fine Arts of the Bolívar de Cabimas District and studied drawing, sculpture and painting and in that same year he made his first individual exhibition entitled “Landscapes” in the Salon de los Caja de los Employees Publics of the Zulia State in the city of Maracaibo. In 1991 he obtained a degree in Plastic Arts at the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University. He has made ten Individual exhibitions and has participated in more than three hundred collective and regional, national and international halls, obtaining more than 50 awards. Of which 14 have been in their specialty of technical profession Drawing.

He is represented in the Latin American Museum, Miami Florida, Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia, Museum of Graphic Arts “Luis Chacón”, Museum “Carmelo Fernández”, Museum “Mateo Manaure”, Museum of the Plains, Urdaneta Museum, BIV Foundation, Athenaeum “Casta Joaquina Riera”, Center of Culture “Dr. Carlos Emilio Muñoz Oraá”, House of Culture “Dr. Francisco Lazo Martí ”, Center of Fine Arts of Maracaibo, French Alliance of the State Zulia, Mayor of the Municipality Maracaibo, Cultural Complex Meet Your Bridge in Maracaibo and in important private collections.

At the urban level, his most outstanding works are the sculptural ensemble for the Plazoleta del V Centenario, located in the Cultural Complex “Know Your Bridge” and the Pictorial Mural alluding to the “Glory of Sport”, carried out within the framework of the Copa América , located in the “Pachencho Romero” Stadium, in Maracaibo, Zulia State. He is a founding member of AVAPCOL, Association of Plastic Artists of the East Coast of the Lake. He currently serves as Head of Chair and Professor in the Drawing Specialty of the Experimental Faculty of Arts of the University of Zulia, Professor of Drawing and Painting at the Technical School of Arts “Julio Arraga”, in the city of Maracaibo Zulia State, Venezuela.