To contemplate the work of Paris is to feel the complexity of the cosmos. The details and chromatic sensations invite us constantly to enjoy each plane as if it were a different universe, all the time, in constant evolution and at the same time in parallel coexistence.
The composition-decomposition geometric process balance, the stain and gesture of freedom, giving certain premeditated order and rhythm, reminiscent insinuation to a Mondrian plastic work and perceiving a deliberated set of chromatic juxtaposition to create contrasts, and very interesting dissonances with several aesthetic effect that do not let the spectator be indifferent.

Symmetry and asymmetry are combined actively in these planes, chromatic qualities producing a nice equilibrium. The waving lines through all over his paintings stamp dynamism, that in connection with the beauty of the stain and textures give diversity, complexity, order and chaos an infinite sensation and constant simulation of the universal dynamic.
Sometimes Paris incorporates anthropomorphic and organic elements that coexist in this vast cosmos. A living soul searching for the existential meaning with scrutinizing eyes and open arms towards the truth. A breath of life in the middle of a complex maze with multiple entrances and exits that the artist seems to represent by means of thin strips in different planes.

Daniel Nunes.
PhD in Mathematic Science and Researcher.

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