An explosive dynamism invades our perception when contemplating the paintings of Gustavo Paris. The imprint of the teachings of lyrical abstraction schools are evident in his aesthetic work, characterized by the extravagant use of energetic brush strokes that undress the artist’s passionate gestures. His paintings are true visual bursts that allow us to glimpse a solid structure. The focus of his pieces is in a central or formal knot, from which a myriad of curved and free strokes, charged with motion, are unleashed. This center of tension collects strokes, colors, layers, glazes, and lines, and a connection between the elements of visual expression contained in the portrait, which generates a point of high aesthetic density. From this knot, like flashes from a detonation, radiate a vast series of beams and waves that propagate towards the limits of the canvas and even beyond. The expansive movement so characteristic of Gustavo Paris full body of work can be described in this manner. His works “open themselves up” towards space. In fact, they resemble cosmic landscapes, fragments of galaxies captured in their continuous and eternal becoming. In some pieces, the artist introduces – as a backdrop – a segment of this starry cosmos that have generated so many dreams in mankind; in others, he places a veiled horizontal bar that, by exercising a contrasting tension with the painting’s dynamic brushstrokes, contribute to the idea that a “human” landscape can be created – fantasized, dreamed of, and designed – even in Extra-planetary environments.

The qualities and textures gain importance in Gustavo Paris’ works. Through the technical looseness of his drawing the artist manages to display smooth, rough, and vaporous forms, through the prolific use of acrylic he manages royal textures that enrich the variegated scenes that the plane represents. Color is also a fundamental element of his work, being that through this aspect Paris underlines the dynamic dramatism of his cosmic images. Both the strong contrasts between opposing tonalities, as well as the use of different tonalities within the same chromatic spectrum, or the contraposition of diverse saturations, are resources that serve to enhance the explosive energy of his pieces. All of Gustavo Paris’ work seems to be a fervent chant to the Creator of the Universe, assumed as a superior energy, which rules with magnificence over the unmeasurable spaces of the micro and macro-cosmos.

Katherine Chacón
Art Critic. Researcher. Curator.

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